Part II, Chapter 3: Inductions, missions, and Law and Order

“It was all he could do to keep himself from screaming out, for an agonising pain shot through his forearm”.

In Chapter 3 of Part 2 we see McMurdo properly inducted into the Lode/the Scowrers, and promptly being ordered on his first job: to help in the intimidation of James Stanger. What do you think about the Lodge so far? Criminals, or just working men fighting against ruthless capitalists, as it seems McGinty would style them? How convincing did you find his response to Captain Marvin of ‘the Coal and Iron’: ‘What are you but the paid tool of the men of capital, hired by them to club or shoot your poorer fellows’. The heavy handed activities of private Coal and Iron police forces were a matter for discussion and contention at the turn of the century; but I will touch on this in more detail at a later date. This is just a quick post to open up the comments, but I will be back later to join in any conversation, so do post your thoughts and readings below.

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One thought on “Part II, Chapter 3: Inductions, missions, and Law and Order

  1. Brigitte

    Such a dark and bereft ending where evil has triumphed and the good at heart have been overcome. A sign of the times with the dark clouds of the war colouring the outlook. Can good men and women provide a silver lining by bringing evil to justice. I believe Shelock Holmes and Dr Watson will do their utmost. Fantastic story and complimentary illustrations that brought the characters to life. Brigitte


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